Online Dating for Not So Bright People

These days you can buy almost anything on the internet, even dating…? The dating world has certainly changed in the last ten or so years, due to the easy access of the world wide web. Online dating has exploded in the 21st century and shows little sign for taking its foot off the gas. The following article contains tips on how to make yourself marketable online and to how to sell the best product, YOU! I personally online dated for 7 months, dated many girls and eventually found my wife online and we are happily married.

For those of you who consider yourselves players, move on, this article is not for you. These pointers are intended for those of you who want to get out & meet new people of the opposite sex, date more, but just need that extra help getting there. Dating should be and can be fun. All you need is someone to point you in the right direction…online speed dating hong kong.

I dated multiple times a day and week online, I learned mostly from trial and error. I had tons of fun with meeting new girls and making new friends. These tips will not guarantee any results. I am only broadcasting what I have found to be successful to have proper online dating etiquette and to increase your visits to your profile and to eventually land you a date 交友app香港.

There are three basic tips that anyone perusing a friendship/relationship online can follow 網上交友平台.

(1) Be yourself
There are a number of sites you can select from and many of which will fit your standards for what you really want to get out of a date. Unfortunately, the best dating sites cost mula, so get your credit card ready. Be yourself, because the time will come that you will no longer “put-on-a-show”. The rule of thumb is three months. Anyone can pretend to be someone else or be their absolute best self for three months. After that, you start becoming the true, day-to-day, you. It’s better to start from the beginning being just you, as you really are, not who you think that potential “someone” wants you to be. Pictures are king for online dating. Post lots of them. Post very recent pictures. I asked out a girl I met online, and when I met her in person she looked 10 years older than the her profile pictures. Not very honest in my opinion. Advice for women (men we’ll get to you later): post a picture of you, the entire you, a full body shot. Post pictures of activities that you like to do (i.e. hiking, swimming, running, hunting, underwater basket weaving, etc.). This allows the men to see that you are not just all talk, but that you really do enjoy those activities. Advice for men: Try a line more creative than “you’re hot!”. This was a common line my, now, wife would hear. Or she would get- “I love your smile” or “you’re so beautiful!”. It wasn’t that she or any other girl doesn’t like to hear this, it’s just that it’s too bold and too soon. Start off by asking her about her profession, schooling, hobbies, or interests. Once you have established your introductions then it’s appropriate to complement her physical features (i.e. smile, eyes, hair, nose, ankles, cankles, etc), it’s encouraged to do so.

(2) Slow Down
Honestly, what’s the rush? Nothing good ever comes from rushing into a relationship…or trying to. You really need to get a feel for the people. Do NOT give your address (especially for women) or phone number out too quickly. If you do meet shortly after the first conversation, meet at a restaurant ideally for lunch. Lunch is great because there is low commitment, it’s safe because you are meeting in a public place, and if the person does not turn out to be what their profile says they are, then bounce! Lunch can be ten minutes or it can be two hours. If the date goes well then plan on a second date. Moving too quickly means that you are desperate and that you’d date anyone with a pulse. Really, getting to know someone will add some great ammunition when you meet in person. You will feel more relaxed and you will have more to converse about during your meal. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from slowing the process down.

(3) Chat or Email.
If you take just one thing from this article it’s this: DO NOT send any sort of “flirt”, “smile”, or anything that is equivalent to a “poke” on Facebook. You know you’ve hit rock bottom when all you have is “smile” to say to someone. Maybe dating in general is not for you. Both men and women crave confidence as a quality in their potential “someone”. Sending an email or starting an Instant Message conversation will show your confidence and ability to carry on a conversation. Personalized messages can separate you from a commodity in the dating world. Remember these three things: Make them laugh, be funny/cocky (but not too cocky), and pretend they are a long lost friend you’ve known for years. This will show them that you are confident, not only when you are chatting, but also when you eventually meet down the road. Another fun strategy is playing the 21 question game (i.e. Beach or Mountains? Night or day? Soda or juice?…). This is how I initiated conversation with my wife by playing this game. She said it set me apart from every other guy, and I caught her interest…. Are you listening men?? She said, “It set me apart from every other guy”.

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