Prostate Health Problem – 4 Types of Prostatitis

Prostate health problem is quite common to individuals who are close to their old age as from 40 years and above. But mentioning on the Prostatitis, it is a.problem which normally affects the.prostate gland thus causing irritation to it which in return affects its normal functioning all together. Due to this very serious inflammation on the prostate gland it actually leads to such diseases as Prostatitis which is there in different types because of its behavior in the human body.

Prostatitis is a prostate health problem which causes a lot of the abnormal functioning in the prostate gland. There are a number of Prostatitis types which normally leads to prostate protocol reviews these problems. One of the problems includes the acute bacterial Prostatitis which is normally a short term infection and can lead to high temperatures, coldness and fever. It leads to frequent urination accompanied by pain at all the times. However, early medications can cure this kind of Prostatitis if one visits the doctor early enough.

A chronic prostate is another prostate health problem which hinders the normal functioning in the prostate gland. It is a long term infection which normally leads to a lot of pain being experienced in the pelvic area which is the area between the anus and the testicles. As time goes by, the pain increases and becomes unbearable thus causing problem when it comes to urinating. Early medication which involves drinking a lot of water to fight the infection and using antibiotics can cure this ailment.

Non-bacterial Prostatitis is another prostate health problem that normally affects many men. It normally causes severe pelvic pain which brings the difficulty when it comes to urinating. Specific medication have actually not identified although antibiotics could better still be used to cure the ailment. However, both hydrotherapy and hot water bath can be used to relieve the pains of non bacterial Prostatitis.

Asymptomatic inflammatory Prostatitis is another prostate problem whose real cause has not yet been established. It has no symptoms although one would be having the prostate problem. Despite the absence of the symptoms, some tests are carried out to determine whether the urine has some white blood cells in it. Antibiotics are still used to cure this kind of Prostatitis as real cure for this disease is being established.

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