Fine Porcelain Dolls – What Are They?

The fine porcelain dolls are dolls that have their heads, legs and arms made of porcelain. This is a special kind of clay that is known for its strength, beauty and workability ラブドール . These porcelain dolls (also known as china dolls) came into popularity during the 19th century in Europe. Today there are still some doll makers specializing in the traditional china dolls.

The Chinese first developed the clay that is used in fine porcelain dolls. For years they were the only ones that knew of it. It was not until the 1700s that the Europeans got into using porcelain for dolls and other things. The dolls were only basic and plain back then at least in Britain. The Dutch and the Germans perfected the dolls during the 1820s and they became quite popular.

The porcelain dolls have long been made in the Czech Republic and Germany and these countries are known for the delicate dolls that are absolutely life-like. Another city that became known for the making the porcelain dolls was Paris. Only here the dolls also wore the latest in French fashions. It was in France that the first child fine porcelain doll was made. The others had been made to look like adults. The porcelain dolls were popular throughout Europe until the 20th century.

Other materials started being used to make dolls during the 20th century such as plastic. There are still those people though who like to collect both old and new porcelain dolls. These are normally patterned after females even though you can find ones patterned after males too.

The fine porcelain dolls normally have skin that is pale in color and has other features too. They have blush on the cheeks, red lip color, a nose and eyes just to mention some of them. The dolls can have wigs, painted-on hair or molded hair. Often times these dolls can be posed because of their bodies being soft in the middle. These dolls come in a variety of designs. Some of the dolls are done in the matte finish, which are called bisque while others are in a glossier finish which is considered china.

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