Why Becoming a Security Guard Is an Excellent Career Choice

Are you suffocating under stacks of paper in your tiny cubicle while working your mundane 9 to 5 job? Is walking from your desk to the photocopier the extent of your exercise routine? If working in an office is not your forte, consider the benefits of a career as a security guard.

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The security industry is changing and advancing to meet the increasing demand for protection in today’s often violent society. Sadly, you can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing about the devastation caused by a terrorist or armed perpetrator residential security in London. Now is the time for you to pursue a career in the security industry for lots of reasons including:

Working in security services can’t be exciting all the time, but unarmed security guards do more than just sit at a desk and watch monitors. Listed below are some of the assignments and locations available for qualified security guards, but the list of possibilities for trained security professionals is far more diverse:

Companies are responding to the fear of terrorist attacks and potential hostage scenarios. They’re heightening their levels of security by hiring executive protection security guards to protect their top-level executives from personal injury.

Employers and retail stores are trying to reduce the cost of employee and customer theft by hiring unarmed security guards to monitor, help prevent, and report criminal activity.

Special events with large gatherings of people are becoming potential targets for deranged criminals. Event co-ordinators are hiring security guards to work at venues including concerts, sporting events, and conventions to control crowds and report suspicious behaviour.

Traveling and keeping youth safe while on organized trips domestically or internationally provides its own set of unique challenges. Unfamiliar surroundings, political unrest, and cultural differences could pose potential problems for youth groups traveling abroad. Schools, church groups and youth organizations are hiring security guards to accompany students on their trips.


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